Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani, the fonder of Qadiyanism or Ahmadism, so called Ahmadiya Movement in Islam wrote about prophesies of a prophet:

a. The Torah and the Qur'an admit that the most truthful evidence of prophethood are the prophesies, and

b. It is not possible that God's revelations be not confirmed by their fulfillment.

Let us examine the prophesies of the writer who claimed himself to be a prophet (nabi) and the Promised Messiah (al-Masih al-Maw'oud). If a single prophecy is not fulfilled, it would show that such a prophet is an imposter and a liar.

  1. Rains and earthquakes
  2. Ghulam Ahmad wrote, "God revealed to me that frequent rains will come down. Due to their frequency villages will be destroyed. After them will follow severe earthquakes". He did not specify where and when. If it was to be in India, there are some regions which receive a lot of rain and there are other areas which feel earthquakes. This is not a prophecy.

  3. Abdullah Atham's death
  4. A Christian, Abdullah Atham entered into a debate with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1893; neither succeeded in winning over the other. It was embarrassing to Ghulam Ahmad and feeling insulted, on June 5, 1883 he announced that he had been informed by God that Abdullah Atham would die within fifteen months, that is, September 5, 1894. Ghulam Ahmad supplicated to God for the death of Abdullah Atham by his announced date of death and he asked his followers to join him in praying for the curse to come true. The deadline came and went but Abdullah Atham lived and for a long time. Ghulam's invocations and supplications were of no use and Allah proved that he was not His prophet.

  5. Multiple marriages
  6. On February 20, 1886 Ghulam Ahmad declared that indeed Allah revealed to him that he shall marry blessed women and he shall have numerous children from these new wives. He was then 46 years old. The fact remains that he could not marry anyone after his declared revelation from Allah despite several efforts and a crush on Muhammadi Begum.

  7. Marriage to Muhammadi Begum
  8. Ghulam Ahmad at age 46 had a crush on a young lady by the name of Muhammadi Begum daughter of Ahmad Beg, one of his followers. Ghulam asked her father to marry her to himself which he refused. Ghulam Ahmad announced a prophecy that she will be married to him because Allah had married her to him and no one had power to turn away from that becoming true. He offered bribes of estate and wealth to Ahmad Beg. When it did not work he begged for his pity, brought family pressure and finally made threats. The first prophecy of marriage to Muhammadi Begum failed.

    Ahmad Beg did not budge from his position and married his daughter to an ordinary soldier. Ghulam Ahmad prophesied that the husband of Muhammadi Begum would die soon and she would be married to him since their marriage had taken place in the heavens. He fixed a three year period for the death of the soldier husband of his beloved lady. Twenty two years later Ghulam Ahmad died but the soldier lived for another forty years and she lived even longer. The second prophecy of marriage to Muhammadi Begum failed.

  9. A spark of the light of God
  10. A son was born to Ghulam Ahmad on June 14, 1899 when he was 59 years old. He gave him the name, Mubarak Ahmad and declared, "this lad is indeed a spark of the light of God, the promised reformer, the owner of greatness and authority, possessor of healing breath like the Messiah, curer of diseases, a word of God and lucky. He will become famous in the four corners of the world, he will set prisoners free and through him all nations will be blessed."

    Allah had His plan to prove once again that Ghulam Ahmad was neither a prophet nor "the Promised Messiah" by showing that He did not reveal anything to him nor inspired him with anything nor chose him a prophet nor divinely guided him (Mehdi). Mubarak Ahmad died of natural causes at age 8 in 1907, less than a year before the death of the false prophet and the false messiah.

  11. The birth of another son
  12. When Ghulam Ahmad's wife became pregnant, he announced on January 1, 1903, "Praise be to Allah Who bestowed upon me in spite of old age four sons and has given me good news of a fifth". On January 28, 1903 his wife delivered a daughter who died in infancy. This was first failed prophecy of a son.

    His wife became pregnant again and he prophesied that she will deliver a son about whom he said, "the son of nobility will be born - a lad goodly-shaped and handsome." She delivered a baby girl on June 24, 1904. This was the second failed prophecy of a son.

  13. Again a son
  14. After two disappointments and proving himself to be a false prophet, he announced again that Allah had given him the news, "Verily, We give you tidings of a meek boy." He announced the date of the birth of the boy to be September 16, 1907 which was never fulfilled. This was the third false prophecy of a son.

    In October 1907 he pronounced yet another revelation from Allah, "I shall soon bestow upon you a righteous boy" and his name was announced to be Yahya. Alas, the prophesied son never came and the false prophet Ghulam Ahmad himself died on May 26, 1908. This was the fourth false prophecy of a son.

  15. A son to one of his followers
  16. Manzoor Muhammad, one of his followers, informed him that his wife was pregnant. Ghulam Ahmad prophesied cautiously in stages that Manzoor's wife will deliver a boy from this pregnancy or from a later pregnancy and child's name will be "Bashir-ud-Dawla". After such safeguards in his prophecy he emphasized, "Manzoor Muhammad's wife shall not die unless she gives birth to this noble son and until his prophecy is fulfilled."

    Manzoor Muhammad's wife delivered a baby girl and afterwards she never conceived and died without giving a boy. Doesn't it look like Ghulam Ahmad was working against Allah's Will?

  17. The plague
  18. Ghulam Ahmad feared plague very much and declared it to be one of his signs. He prophesied that the epidemic then ravaging in the Indian Province of Punjab will not enter his town of Qadiyan because it was the dwelling place of "God's prophet." God proved him a liar again. Plague spread in Qadiyan and in Ghulam Ahmad's own house; his maid and a few of his followers died of plague.

  19. The death of Dr. Abdul Hakim

Dr. Abdul Hakim entered into a discussion with Ghulam Ahmad, challenged him to an open debate and called him a liar. Ghulam Ahmad did not take it very well and prophesied, "Abdul Hakim will die during my life-time as he insults and disgraces me." On May 4, 1907 Dr. Abdul Hakim responded with his own prediction that Ghulam Ahmad will die within fifteen months, that was by August 4, 1908. Ghulam Ahmad responded to Dr. Abdul Hakim's prediction by adding to his own prophecies:

(a) Dr. Abdul Hakim will die during the life-time of Ghulam Ahmad, and,

(b) Ghulam Ahmad will live to be eighty years of age, which was to be 1920 or later.

Ghulam Ahmad died within a year on May 26, 1908, at age 68 and Dr. Abdul Hakim lived for many more years to become an old man.

Ghulam Ahmad's prophecies and self deprecation

On various occasions when he announced a prophecy he would self-deprecate if the prophecy was not fulfilled. A few of his announcements are given below:

1. "If what I have said does not happen exactly, I am prepared for every punishment. My face be blackened and I be insulted. A rope be put round my neck and I be hanged".

2. "Prepare for me a cross if my falsehood is exposed and curse me more than the Satan, the evil and the accursed."

3. Regarding his burning love and lust for Muhammadi Begum, a daughter of one of his followers, he said, "Her marriage (to me) is a settled affair. I swear by God that this is true. They shall not have the power to thwart its occurrence. God Almighty has said, 'We have ourselves married her to you, it is not possible that My words may change'."

Further, he said, "There is no changing of the Word of Allah. The meaning is that this prophecy of mine is bound to become true as the failure of its fulfillment falsifies the Word of God".

In fact, the Word of God is never falsified but a liar speaking in the name of God is exposed. He further said, "If this prophecy does not turn out to be true I shall be the most evil of the evils, ye fools!" Well! He proved himself what he was.

4. "But if this prophecy is not from Thee, O God, then perish me in disgrace and total loss and make me accursed and peltable in Thy view."

5. "For ascertainment of my truthfulness or my falsehood there is no better thing than my prophesies." Well! We know the truth, don't we?

Allah repeatedly failed Ghulam Ahmad in his prophecies to prove to the world that this man was a liar, an imposter and an inventor of a new religion which was not Islam.

References to the quotations and events mentioned in this brochure may be found in QADIYANIAT, AN ANALYTICAL SURVEY by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, published by Idara Tarjuman Al-Islam, Shish Mahal Road, Lahore, Pakistan, 1981, Chapter VII, pp.184-226.

Source: Institute of Islamic Information and Education.