Celebration or Occupation

The creation of Israel fifty years ago entailed the unconscionable obliteration and depopulation of 418 Palestinian towns and villages, and the total destruction of the Palestinian society which existed at that time. Israel was not created on an empty plot of land. The land which became Israel in 1948- with the full support of the United Kingdom and the United States of America- was owned and populated by Palestinians, By way of massacres and terror, the Palestinian population was either physically eliminate or forced to flee so that an exclusive "Jewish" state could be created on the ruins of a thriving Palestinian society.

Deir Yassin, a Palestinian village west of Jerusalem, existed peacefully for centuries up until April 10th 1948 at 2AM when Zionist gang of Irgun, Jagana, and Stern attacked the village, killing 254 villagers in 13 hours. Among them were 25 pregnant women and 52 children under the age of 10 years old. The few survivors were expelled and became refugees for the rest of their lives. Deir Yassin is one example of the numerous of massacres committed against unarmed Palestinians. The Kafr Kassin massacre of October 29, 1956 claimed the lives of 52 innocent villagers, or the notorious massacres at the Palestinian refugees camps Sabra & Shatila on September 16, 1982, where 3279 innocent people slaughtered.

Israel terrorism has demonstrated its indiscriminate nature as it reached holy places of worshipers period. The Aqsa Mosque Massacre of October 8, 1990 left 21 worshipers dead.  The Hebron Massacre of February 25, 1994 claimed the lives of 34 worshipers as they were in prayer at down in the Ibrahimi Mosque.

Suruh, Damun, Hittin, Al-Tira, Yajur, Bir Ma'in, Artuf, Al-Haditha, Jarash, Qastina, Zayta, and Al-Khlasa are some example of the 418 villages and towns which were ransacked refugees. More than 13, 000 Palestinian lost their lives in this tragedy.

In the past fifty years, the injustice of occupation and repression have continued unabated on a daily basis. Palestinians are shot and killed every day without due cause or provocation, their homes have been blown up, and their land has been confiscated without any recourse to a system of law and order.

What are the Israelis celebrating?!!!!

Why did US officials celebrate?!!!!

Why are the media celebrating?!!!

Is it celebration of an occupation and destruction of a nation?!!!


Terrorist Name His Organization Site
Mordakhai Ra'nan Irgun gang leader Deir Yassin Massacre
Yetshak Shamir Irgun gang leader Deir Yassin Massacre & Foreign Minister/ Sabra & Shatila Massacre
David Shalteil Haganah leader Deir Yassin Massacre
Yehoshaa Zetler shtern gang leader Deir Yassin Massacre
Labidot Irgun leader Deir Yassin Massacre
Yanshreen Sheef Unit leader Deir Yassin Massacre
Ariel Sharon Special Unit 101 leader Kibya Massacre & Minister of Defense/ Sabra & Shatila Massacre
Shmuel Melinki Commander of the unit Kafr Kassim Masscre
Gobraeel Dahan Unit leader Kafr Kassim Masscre
Alouf Shadmi Frontier Guard Commander Kafr Kassim Masscre
Shalom Ofer Sergeant Kafr Kassin Massacre
Eli Hebeka Attackers leader Sabra& Shatila Massacre
Amos Yaron Field Commander in West Beirut Sabra & Shatila Massacre
Amir Drori Commanding General of the Northern Command Sabra & Shatila Massacre
Yahoshaa Sajoy Militant Intelligence Chief Sabra & Shatila Massacre
Said Haddad South Lebanon Army Leader Sabra & Shatila Massacre
Mena Chem Begin Prime Minister Sabra & Shatila Massacre
Rafael Eitan Chief of Staff Sabra & Shatila Massacre
Garshoun Salamoun Attacker's Group Leader Al-Aqsa Massacre
Areia Bibi Jerusalem Police Chairman Al-Aqsa Massacre
Yetshak Rabeen Minister of Defense Al-Aqsa Massacre & Al-Ibrahim Mosque Massacre
Baroukh Goldeshtain Kakh Group Member Al-Ibrahim Mosque Massacre
Ronin Rafeef Ibrahimi Mosque Security Al-Ibrahim Mosque Massacre
Kobi Bin Yousef Ibrahimi Mosque Security Al-Ibrahim Mosque Massacre
Feef Douri Ibrahimi Mosque Security Al-Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre
Dob Stalman Ibrahimi Mosque area commander Al-Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre
Maeel Kleegee Hebron area commander Al-Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre
Yahouda Barak The thenChief of Staff Al-Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre

 Source: Institute of Islamic Information and Education.